Google Adwords Management How To Boost Your Results

google adwords managementDo you use Google Adwords to bring new customers into your business? You may be aware that there are two main factors that determine the success of your campaign:

1. Quality of the ad copy (this determines the click through rate)
2. Quality of the landing page (the page that ad clicker lands on determines whether you get a decent return on the $ invested)

After studying and working with many different businesses I have seen that most people are getting results far below what they could be getting. This can be fixed quickly in most cases with with some simple changes. A positive change in ad copy or the landing page can dramatically increase the returns you generate from your ad spend. Better still this is one of the quickest marketing improvements any business can make.

As a special offer for any reader of this blog I will review your Adwords campaign free of charge and highlight areas that can be improved to get you better results (lower ad spend, more clicks, more leads or a combination of all of these). Naturally I am hoping you will be impressed with what I reveal and that we may do business together in the future. However that is entirely your call, the review is free of any obligation.

To claim your free review right now just message me your details and I’ll get in touch. At the very least you will get some ideas about how to improve your Google Adwords results with no cost or obligation. These reviews are time consuming at my end so I can only do a few per month. Right now I have time for 8-10 max.

p.s. Even if you’d just like to fire an Adwords question at me send me a message and I’ll do my best to answer it for you within 48 hours.