Get at Least 3 Free Ideas to Improve Your Current Website or Marketing Piece

When you go to the doctor  and receive a diagnosis you’re not sure is right you go and get a second opinion. Marketing and business should be the same after all it determines the financial health of your business.

After years in the marketing game I have seen how very small changes to marketing can create very big impacts on a business.

Here are just a few things that can really improve the return from your existing marketing:

  1. Ensuring your ad or website has a strong benefit laden headline.
  2. Making sure your initial offer to potential clients is irresistible.
  3. Following up with leads that have been generated until they are ready to buy or no longer have an interest in what you sell.
  4. Changing copy in an ad or marketing piece so that is written to clearly highlight the end benefits a client gets from doing business with you.
  5. Reviewing marketing in other industries to see if there is a strategy you can use in your industry to become a dominant player.
  6. Creating a powerful guarantee for what you do so that the perceived risk of doing business with you is greatly reduced.

That is only a short list of a few ideas. However as I am passionate about helping businesses succeed and I’d like to make you an offer.

Send me your website or an existing marketing piece and I’ll review it for you and make at least 3 suggestions that will get the site or marketing piece performing better for you. This critique is 100% free of cost or obligation. It’s my way of introducing my business to yours and naturally I am hoping you’ll be impressed with what I give you and that we may work together at some stage. However that’s solely up to you. The critique is free. Naturally I cannot offer these to everyone so the first 10 to contact me are in and any after that go on a waiting list till I have some more spots available. Remember a small improvement can create big cash returns so act fast to get your free critique before all 10 spots are gone.