3 Simple Things You Can Start Today To Boost Your Online Sales In 2013 & Beyond

Climb The Ladder Of Success in 2013
Climb The Ladder Of Success in 2013

There is a great quote I learnt from Aussie marketer Mal Emery and it goes along the lines of ‘small hinges swing big doors’. Simply it means that the right small actions can have dramatic positive impact on the performance of your business. In this case we’re looking at websites. Here are 3 simple things virtually any business can do, starting today, to get  huge boost in performance from your existing traffic and website.

1. Learn and set-up a new lead source. Leads can come from so many different places online they key is to really understand how to properly use a lead source and make it work for your business. Blogging (like this post) is one example of lead source. My new posts go to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn which gets my business in front of many potential clients. Some popular sites/lead sources you should be using for lead generation in 2013 are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Local Directories
  • Chambers of Commerce in your area
  • Referals from existing clients

2. Track conversions on your site. Every site needs to have what I call a ‘most wanted response’ e.g. call, email subscribe, etc. Each month, as a minimum, you need to see how many of these actions you got from the number of unique visitors your site got for that month. It is essential you ask each enquiry how they found out about you to help with this process. So if got 1,000 visitors and had 10 calls then you conversion rate for the month was 1%. Now that you know it ask yourself, your employees and clients what you can do to improve it. One example of an improvement many sites need to make is simplify their home page. Remove anything that gets in the way of the visitor taking your ‘most wanted response’.

3. Make an irresistible offer. We are exposed to so many marketing messages and we are suspicious of them. This means that unless you have an irresistible offer it’s too easy for potential clients to say no. An irresistible offer is one that’s harder to say no than it is to say yes to. So ask yourself, your employees and your clients how easy is it to say no to your current offer? Then improve upon it until you get to the point where it makes you slightly nervous to make the offer. At that point you stand a chance of impacting the market and making more sales.

Please take just one these ideas, apply it right now whilst you remember and let me know how you go.